Workshops for Cosmetologists and Nail Techs

Cosmetologist Facial Protocol Review — Give Your Feet A Break & Give a Client a Facial!

5 hrs - Lecture Demonstration and Hands-On Practice - You learned it in your Cosmetology training, and perhaps you’re wanting to refresh your knowledge in skin care treatments. Use that spa room that's not in use to perform a facial when the Esthetician is on break or it's her day off!   Regain your confidence and say “yes” to more income.  Concepts of skin care reviewed, techniques revisited and client can now be booked for when that room is sitting there empty and not generating income.

Scalp and Neck Massage Techniques in the Chair & Shampoo Bowl

2.0 Hrs. - Lecture, Demonstration and Hands-On -  Do you know that there are salons increasing their clientele based on their EXQUISITE SCALP AND NECK MASSAGE techniques alone? Ask any client and they will tell you that they LOVE a good scalp massage during their visit. This service can be offered as a 10 minute Add-On with a special conditioner to not only generate more income, but to keep clients coming back for more. 

Hot Stone Manicure/Pedicure — Add This "Add-On" & Add Up Your Profits!

4.5 Hrs. - Lecture, Demonstration and Hands-On -  There is just nothing like a Hot Stone Manicure and Pedicure! This add- on (to your existing service) sets you apart from all the others. Your clients will actually sell this service for you by sharing it with their friends and relatives! It’s that good. Learn some incredible techniques, easy set-up and cleanup methods and how to integrate these wonderful stones into your existing Manicure/Pedicure service. This class may be combined with the Spa Reflexology workshop.

Advanced Massage Techniques for Mani/Pedi — From GOOD to GREAT!

4.0 hrs. - Lecture, Demonstration and Hands-On - Perhaps you’re very skilled at polish application, cuticle removal and nail art. Do you feel a little less confident in the area of massage? This workshop changes a tentative touch into a confident touch, which clients adore. Learn advanced strokes for the feet, hands, forearms, and calves. This class may be combined with Spa Reflexology and/or Hot Stone Manicure/Pedicure.

Spa Reflexology Massage — Relaxing Your Client Using Maps of the Hands & Feet

4 hrs. (Lecture, Demonstration and Hands-On Practice). In this workshop, students learn the concepts and points for the ultimate in relaxation for Massage and Mani/Pedi clients. While true Reflexology treatments for healing conditions and treating imbalances requires in-depth education, this workshop covers the key elements of a basic reflexology hand and foot massage. Increase your income and provide your clients with the ultimate in deep relaxation and rejuvenation with this superb ADD ON treatment.