Workshops for Massage Therapists

The Art of the Exquisite Body Scrub & Wrap- Give Your Wrists & Thumbs a Break!

5 Hours - Lecture, Demonstration and Hands-on Practice - Does your spa have a wet room that just takes up space but doesn’t generate income? Have you ever wondered why clients don’t order body services more often? From marketing to the actual treatment protocols, it’s time that clients fall in love with these services again!  When surveyed, clients stated that they were often too cold or too hot, felt claustrophobic, or just too exposed for their modesty level. Many said, “It just didn’t seem to do anything”.  All of these issues and more are covered in this superb workshop. Demo includes: mechanical scrub exfoliation with shower OR warm towel removal, (customized to fit your treatment room), followed by mud wrap and finishing with application of body massage moisturizer application.

Avoiding Burnout & Workers Compensation Injuries — Reduce On-the-Job Injury Claims!

3 Hrs. - Lecture, Demo and Hands-On Practice -  A healthy practitioner is the best kind of practitioner. When we look and feel vital and vibrant ourselves, our clients feel it! How do we say YES to 5-8 Treatments a day, (and the great income that follows), while avoiding pain, burnout and injury on the job? This workshop covers all aspects of self care from nutrition, “sleep hygiene”, and the practice of PERFECT BODY MECHANICS and restorative breathing exercises/stretches even WHILE giving a treatment! This class is an absolute MUST for body workers who want to extend their careers in Massage and avoid the nightmare of chronic pain and Workers Compensation claims.

Spa Deep Tissue — It’s Easier Than You Might Think!

5 hrs. - Lecture, Demonstration and Hands-On Practice - “A misplaced energy is a wasted energy and a well-placed energy is an effective energy”. This concept is the key to providing your deep tissue/firm pressure clients with the service they request, while conserving your own energy and avoiding repetitive motion injury. These techniques and insights offer much more than a typical Deep Tissue class. Sensing and “listening” to the tissue techniques, full presence and tuning in to find out what the body needs. This incredible workshop appeals to even the most highly-trained of therapists. 

Spa Reflexology Massage — Relaxing Your Client Using the Maps of the Hands & Feet

4 hrs. - Lecture, Demonstration and Hands-On Practice -  In this workshop, students learn the concepts and points for the ultimate in relaxation for Massage AND Mani/Pedi clients. While true Reflexology treatments for healing conditions and treating imbalances requires in-depth education, this workshop covers the key elements of a basic reflexology hand and foot massage. Increase your income and provide your clients with the ultimate in deep relaxation and rejuvenation with this superb ADD ON treatment.