For Spa Owners & Managers


The challenges for Spa/Salon owners and managers are many. I KNOW! I have been a Spa Manager! Too often, staff can lose focus on the ultimate goals of a spa/salon business. Products wasted, utilities and laundry not conserved, and work spaces left dirty or messy all add up to lost revenue.

Eliminate the, “Me First” and “It’s not my job” attitudes that can undermine any business, and turn them into a, “We’re in this together” attitude of cooperation and excellence. Your staff will gain renewed sense of personal responsibility. You will see how it transforms their careers and the prosperity of your business!  This investment in your staff will prove to be the best investment in your business. 

In-service trainings for staff:


  • Work-Related Injuries
  • Staff Turnover Rate
  • Lost Revenue
  • Low Motivation/Morale


  • Spa Staff Professionalism
  • Repeat Clientele
  • Retail Sales
  • Cooperation and Higher Morale Within the Team 

Each workshop is tailored to the unique needs of your establishment and facility. 

Bring Your Staff All Onto The Same Page With Five-Star Standards Workshops                                                    

Eliminate inconsistent service, the most common of client complaints. Bring your Spa staff onto the same page with these workshops that include Five Star Standards Training for: ESTHETICIANS, MASSAGE THERAPISTS, COSMOS AND NAIL TECHS. Take your spa services to new levels of excellence. Raise the quality of your treatment services to ensure that each individual client receives the same outstanding service and care.

“Common Goal” Morale/Team Training                         

3.0 Hrs. - Presentation, Lecture and .Demonstrations- Is your team wasting time and money with competitive thinking? Do you have a high turnover rate? Is GOSSIP affecting the morale and atmosphere of your business? Ask any successful salon or spa owner and they will tell you that cooperative teams make the most profits while negative, back-biting mentality can stall and even destroy the success of any business! Encourage an atmosphere of team-consciousness. Watch your client base increase within the first month after this powerful and empowering motivational workshop. Get rid of the gossip and go for the gold!   Positive Work Environment = Positive Cash Flow!

Conquering Retail Sales Fears Once and For All!            

3.5 hrs - Lecture, Hands-on, Practice- Every owner wants their staff to sell more products and services. Unfortunately, this universal problem is one that is costing you money!  Get to the heart of why practitioners feel uncomfortable with selling. This CAN be changed when thinking is changed. Proven techniques to shed the fear of retail sales for good.